I have to challenge myself to get as much as I possibly can done whilst little man sleeps (that is if he decides to sleep). We have a little argy bargy about sleeping, I love him to sleep before lunchtime, he loves to go to sleep at around 3pm and sleep until 6 (if at all). Most days are sleep free for us, no quiet time nothing, just full on Mr demolition man. I love that he is so wild and crazy, only his eldest sister was that way. The others were great sleepers and quiet little people most of the time.

I have given up trying to mop floors unless I know he is down for the night, I mean tiles, mop and a bucket full of soapy water is 2 year old heaven lol. I find myself on my hands and knees with a cloth wiping floors down so as to not excite him. Don’t even get me started on trying to clean the bathroom or toilet with him underfoot. I mean who doesn’t love to have their favourite towel stuck in the toilet bowl or all the toilet rolls full of toilet paper thrown in there. Funny thing is I love that he wants to be with me every waking second unless of course I have said no then I am the worst person on earth.

So over the last few days he has been a bit poorly and I admit I have relished the serenity of his long naps. Now don’t get excited and think I have taken this time to do those dreaded household chores nope. Scrapping, crafting and reading a book are the only tasks I set myself to do. Housework can wait :-). I know he is on the road to recovery as today his sleep was short so not much creative time.

I had a go at the Scrap the boys challenge which was fun, the title is minus one basically because I couldn’t find a black & white picture that was printed out of the little man. I love how it turned out, certainly not my usual style but fun for sure. I realised that I am very low on supplies for biy pages so I think I will be hitting up Shop and Crop as they are having a huge 3 day sale from tomorrow.


Off to feed the family. x


2 comments on “Oh what can I achieve whilst he sleeps.”

  1. This is totally awesome! I am a mother of four, so get you. You have done an amazing job with the challenge, love it. Thank you for playing along with us at STB.

  2. I love this layout do much. It is a great take on the challenge. I know how hard it is to get anything done with any small people. I have a one, two and a three year old. Do what you can and enjoy the time they are little. Even if it means you have to sit up half the night just to get anything done.Thanks for playing with us at STB!

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