In a few weeks I will be turning 40, now I know for a lot of people this could be a scary milestone but honestly for me I am excited about it. There are two real reasons why the first is that many years ago I realised that life is short, that a lot of people just don’t get the chance to reach 40 unfortunately.  The second is that I have to be honest my milestone birthday’s have always been a bit forgettable my 18th was a party full of my siblings friends and someone throwing up in my sisters wardrobe lol (Sorry EJ). 30th didn’t  happen (the ex went fishing) and 21st well that was ok. I decided that if I was blessed to get to 40 then I would ensure I indulge in a whole day of celebration. So now I am determined that my 40th celebrations will be fabulous, do I know what I am doing? Not really think I will be spending the weekend doing as many of my favourite things, with as many of my favourite people high tea, window shopping, family lunch, dinner with friends in Sydney, breakfast out and hopefully a fabulous cake to end the weekend.

I love parties always have, I do  see a lot of people having these crazy huge over the top parties for themselves and their children. I mean have you seen all the amazing parties on pintrest  wow. Kids parties are big big big business these days, I wish that kids got the chance to have good old fashion kids parties. You know the ones without an entertainer or 5, no fancy venue (laser blast, flip out etc) where there were party pies, fairy bread and devon filled with mash potato (yes mumma we remember). I know that all these foods may not be what the paleo enthusiast or clean eater may not agree I believe that as a treat it won’t hurt them.

Whilst I have been known to go a little over big for the children’s birthdays at times I have a rule as to when they have big birthdays. 1st birthdays, 5th birthdays, 10th birthday 13th, 18th’s and a 21st. Yep that’s all they get I mean come on I would be broke if I did huge birthday parties  every year for each one of them (please remember there are 5 of them). I am not mean I do let them choose their favourite meal, they can have one friend over & the extended family, they also get a cake of their choosing. When they were little it was a cake from the Women’s weekly cake book. just like my mum had done for us, now for the older ones it is usually a chocolate mud cake or something a little more grown up either home made or picked up from a local bakery.

cake bookOops once again managed to go a wee bit off track from my original post idea, I really should think about clarifying my ideas and writing up a draft before I come and sit at the computer. I shall leave you for now with my board of cakes, I hope to one day have made them  all.





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