Many times over the last 10 years I have found myself setting up a blog for one reason or another, needed one for scrap booking, needed one for a start up business, one for family and friends to see the goings on within our family. Never have I done one that was just for me to let go and enjoy writing about my life, my feelings, my hopes and my goals in life. I want this blog to be a resource for my 5 children to look at when they are parenting one day, to laugh at when they are feeling bogged down by the day to day.

I will admit to not being a very good writer at all, I have in the past censored everything I have written just so I can look good well guess what my dear readers no more. I will write as I think say what I feel and post pictures of the things that make me laugh, cry or cringe, things that I think are beautiful, yummy or even inspiring. I will not double and triple check everything and delete lots out of my post I will press submit and enjoy whatever happens.

There are people out there in blogland that have amazing blogs full of perfect pictures, perfect homes, perfect meals and perfect children well guess what I too have all those things, pictures that are perfect for me, a home that will one day be perfect, meals that make me feel perfectly satisfied and children that I believe are perfect in every way imaginable. It will be rare that you will see pictures on my blog that don’t have a 2 year old running in the background or maybe slightly blurred but I will continue to post them just to show you real life.

Now that is done I am off to eat some super delicious extremely bad for me Banana cake with Maple syrup buttercream frosting whilst sipping a hot tea.

Oh I have a picture of said cake 🙂





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